What is Home Depot's best paint? (2023)

If you're now in Home Depot's interior paint section, you might be wondering which of the store's two top brands to choose, Behr or Glidden, or whether one of the other attractive competitors is the right choice.

painting contractorsmight tell you to skip Home Depot altogether and instead shop at an independent store like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. But if you're on a budget or working on a smaller project, like a kid's room or guest bathroom, Home Depot's paints are perfectly fine.

Plus, all the tools you need to get the job done, like ladders or sprinklers, are within reach. So the question remains: which paint brand should you choose?

The 10 Best Paint Sprayers of 2023

Purchasing considerations for paint brands


Long-standing paint brands such as Behr and Glidden, among others, have built a good reputation for the quality of the paint they manufacture. This reputation puts these paint brands at the forefront as they are known for offering quality, well-known paints. People also tend to gravitate towards a brand they are familiar with and have had the best of luck on past projects, even if they cost more.

When buying paint, you want to make sure it will look good on your walls. Painting isn't something you want to do often; therefore, ink quality, brand reputation, and customer feedback all come into play.

Durability and ease of cleaning

Quality ink is durable and easy to clean. You don't want paint rubbing against the wall when you're trying to clean up unexpected food spills in the kitchen or scratch marks on the wall in your kids' playroom. A good brand of paint will adhere to the wall and provide better protection. The paint's durability will also give you peace of mind knowing you won't need to paint any time soon (unless you want to change the color).

Hepaint finishThe paint you use will also help with the ease of scrubbing that wall, but a better quality paint is durable and scrubbable regardless of the finish.


Two important characteristics to consider when purchasing any brand of paint are how well the paint coats the walls and how easy it is to apply. A paint that applies smoothly and effortlessly whether with a brush or roller, doesn't splatter and gives coverage in fewer coats is going to mean less time spent painting a room and therefore covering paint, with how busy it is. , it's sexy

ink colors available

Let's be honest; If the color you've chosen isn't available in one paint brand, you'll likely opt for another brand for that particular shade if they have it in their color lineup. The good news is that brands that have been around for several years, like Behr and Glidden, offer a wide range of colors in all areas of the color spectrum.

Types of Paint Brands Sold at Home Depot

Home Depot carries several paint brands including Behr, PPG, Glidden, Rust-Oleum, Kilz, and a few other specialty brands. Home Depot tends to focus on two main brands,Behr y Glidden.


Behr has been Home Depot's home brand since 1978 and is often compared to the quality of Benjamin Moore paint. As a domestic brand, it is often clearly displayed on the best shelves.

Behr Marquee is Behr's flagship ink and is marketed as such. From preferred display locations to fancy labels, Marquee is positioned as the paint Home Depot hopes you'll choose. While Marquee is a quality ink, those on a tight budget can find other inks of reasonable quality at a lower price point.


  • Solid Customer Reviews

  • offers value

  • Known for exceptional quality exterior paints

  • Marquee generally provides coverage with a single layer


  • Sold only at Home Depot

  • limited premium selection

  • Typically you need an average of two coats on the walls.


Glidden, owned by PPG Industries, is a cheaper paint brand sold at Home Depot. It is also sold at Walmart stores across the country.

Glidden paint is often compared to Behr, and many contractors prefer to use it for exterior surfaces.


  • Solid Customer Reviews

  • Superior coverage over other brands in brick and concrete

  • Easy to apply on walls.

  • dries extremely fast

  • Reputation for easy cleaning when dry


  • Slightly lower quality than Behr

  • Some reports of scratches on interior walls

  • Some reports that more than two coats may be needed for adequate coverage


PPG Industries, which bought Glidden in 2012, has a premium line called PPG Diamond (formerly Glidden Diamond). PPG also has a line of additives to put in their scented paint to appeal to homeowners who preferodor controlled ink.

rust oil

Rust-Oleum is primarily a spray paint that is good for protecting metal surfaces and stopping or preventing rust. However, several brushable varieties are also available. Rust-Oleum also has a line of countertop paints, Countertop Transformations, which covers laminate or tile countertops.


Kilz is a white water and oil based paint and primer used to cover problem areas such as water stains, mildew residue or old paint. Kilz is available in brush or roller gallon or spray can form. Kilz is rarely used alone, but rather as a primer for subsequent coats of paint.

Pintura Diamond Brite

This brand offers quality latex paint for interiors andoil-based enamel paint.It has a smaller offering than the top Home Depot brands, but is quite well known for its commercial uses and industrial applications, although these US-made paints can also be used at home.

titanium harris

A limited selection of thicker-than-usual interior/exterior paints, but at a lower price than other leading brands. Some users compare it to Behr, but often comment that multiple layers are needed.


Take advantage of the store's Samplize Peel and Stick paint sample kits to help you choose from popular Behr, Glidden, and PPG colors. You will also find 6 x 6 inch sticky cut sheets.paint samples.

Tips to save money on paint

Consider or Behr Pro

One thing most homeowners don't know is that Home Depot has a line of paint designed for contractors called Behr PRO. Launched in April 2015, Behr PRO offers inks at much lower prices than its consumer range. The consumer can find it on the shelves and does not have to be a contractor to buy the brand.

Bulk pricing vs. smaller amounts

Buying in bulk, i.e. a five gallon bucket, is not always worth it. Before grabbing that bucket, work out the price per gallon and see if individual gallons might be cheaper or more practical for your needs.

For example, you might only need three to four gallons of paint for your job, which means a five-gallon bucket might be overkill and expensive for your project. Sometimes the price per gallon and the price of a five-gallon bucket are very close, and other times the bucket is a better deal. Prices may vary around you, so always do the math to find your best buy.

Calculate the time of your painting

Home Depot knows that its customers like to tackle home projects during the long holidays. That's why it's a good idea to keep an eye on sales for major ink brands during major holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day or President's Day. You can save several dollars on a gallon of interior and exterior paint if you do it at the right time.


It's worth looking for Home Depot coupons to use during sales. The store accepts coupons from competitors, and if you sign up for mobile alerts, newsletters, and full workshops in person or online, you'll receive coupons and discounts. Offers vary by location.

Find the Oops section

Many Home Depot stores maintain a small, inconspicuous section for so-called "up" paints. It's the perfect section to find colors for small paint jobs. These incorrectly mixed inks, damaged packaging, or returned inks are sold at a substantial discount. Look for the little oops section that is usually near the paint mixing area.

Use a painting calculator

Don't guess how much paint you'll need, or you might overspend. Using a simple ink calculator will save you money as well as the anxiety of not having enough ink to complete the job.


This information is a snapshot of a set of prices over time; of course, prices will change. However, the price differences between paintings are not expected to change. Resuming:

  • Behr PRO i100 Series is one of the cheapest Behr interior paints available at Home Depot. The Behr PRO i300 series, for high traffic areas, is a little more expensive.
  • any kind ofprimer paintthe price per gallon will increase. These differences vary between brands and qualities within brands.
  • going up or downpaint sparkles(semi-gloss to satin, for example) changes the price by a few dollars per gloss level. Prices vary between brands and qualities within brands.

white paint prices

Product (1 gallon white interior)DepartmentEggshellSatinSemi bright
Gliding Premium$ 19$ 21$ 23$ 23
Gliding essentials$ 15$ 17-$ 19
Behr PRO i100$ 17$ 19-$ 21
Behr Premium Plus Tinta + Primer$ 26$ 29$ 32$ 33
Behr Ultra Ink + Primer$ 37$ 36$ 39$ 41
Behr Marquee Paint + Primer$ 46$ 45$ 48$ 50

white ink vs. first vs. first

White paint, primer and primer are often confused, especially now that many white paints are formulated with primers. Here are the differences:

  • white painting:Awhite paintit's a layer of neutral paint.
  • Base:A base is a clear or white medium used to mix pigments to create a paint color. Some professional painters use an anti-stain primer on top of a primer and before a topcoat to add durability to the paint. However, other painters may refer to the primer as the first layer of a paint job that comes after the primer.
  • Primary:AprimerIt differs from paint in that it is specially formulated with a blend of resins, solvents, and other ingredients to seal porous surfaces (such as drywall), hide surface discoloration, and help top coats of paint adhere better to a wall.

Paint primer: guide to basic uses

base paints

Product (1 Gal. Inside)DepartmentEggshellSatinSemi bright
Base Premium Glidden$ 19$ 21$ 23$ 23
PPG Timeless Foundation (com primer)$ 51-$ 53$ 55
PPG Diamond Foundation (Prime)$ 32$ 30$ 33$ 36
Base Behr PRO i100$ 17$ 19-$ 21

frequently asked questions

  • Does Home Depot match paint colors?

    If there is a particular color you want on the walls in your home, bring a material swatch, pillow or paint sample and they will mix that color into the brand of paint you select. They even have an app called Project Color that you can use to select a color from a photo.

  • Should I get a color sample before I buy the paint?

    to placepaint color swatcheson a small area of ​​a wall in the room you want to paint can help you choose the right color for you and your home. Select one or two samples and test before making your final decision. Be sure to apply two coats of paint to see how it will look.

  • Is it better to apply two coats of paint?

    That second coat of paint will help you get the depth of paint color you were looking for when you selected your color. The first coat of paint covers the color you're trying to remove and tends to be thin and have a few smudges.Add a second layerwill provide uniformity and greater durability.

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