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Madeira holiday homes offer a taste of ideal European island living

Discover splendid modern villas with swimming pools or traditional Portuguese rustic houses in beautiful Madeira. This stunning island in the Atlantic Ocean is a nature lover's paradise, with plenty of opportunities to walk, swim and explore its rolling valleys and beautiful coastline. The island's capital, Funchal, is also a wonderful place to soak up European culture and nightlife in a unique setting. Although Madeira is undeniably Portuguese, it also has its own personality waiting to be discovered during your holidays.

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Stay connected while traveling and book accommodation in Madeira with high-speed internet.

Holiday rentals and self-catering apartments

Cook up a feast on your next vacation and book a Madeira rental with a full kitchen.

Apartments with Balconies or Patios

Looking for a house with a balcony? Take a look at these holiday homes in Madeira with their own private patios and balconies.

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Popular rental services in Madeira

The filters on our search page will help you find the ideal property in Madeira. You can easily search and find a property that meets your criteria in Madeira ifyou can't imagine a vacation without internetoyou never miss an episode of your favorite show, as most accommodations include "Internet"eu"TELEVISION." Three amenities that are not typical are "hot tub," "pets allowed, "eu"Sauna."

Price and Availability Index in Madeira

Madeira Holiday Rental Pricing Information

This chart shows the average prices for holiday rentals and holiday apartments located in Madeira. Prices increase in December and average $195 per night (12/23 - 12/30), making it the most expensive time to book a rental in the next 12 months. However, in January (1/13 - 1/20), prices drop to an average of $137 per night.

Madeira Rental Availability Information

Take a look at the chart above for global availability of Madeira vacation rentals. In February (25/02 - 04/03), only 35 are available. It's easier to find a weeklong rental in November (25/11 - 2/12) as only 12% of accommodations are booked.

weather in Madeira

- Rainy days

You can see our weather diagram above. On average, the hottest month is August. On the other hand, you can have temperatures below 52° in February. The wettest month is October, while the driest month is July.

Weather forecast for 7 days in Madeira

Wednesday, February 22nd



Jul., 23 Feb.



vi., 24 feb.



Saturday, February 25th




dom., 26 Feb.



seg., 27 Feb.



mar, 28 fev



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Accommodation for your holidays in Madeira

close to halfof offers (46,41%) in Madeira areApartment rentals. They are the most frequent properties in this destination. Additionally, these vacation rentals have an average size of89 m²and an average price of$ 156per night In addition, mostApartment rentalsin this destination you can host groups of4, which makes it an ideal vacation spot for medium-sized groups and families.House rentrepresent the second most typical type of accommodation in Madeira. WhileApartment rentalsin Madeira have an average size of89 m²,House renthas an average size of195 m².

Where to find the best food in Madeira?

Savoring the delicious food of Madeira

Madeiran cuisine is strongly influenced by mainland Portugal and southern Europe in general. Madeira's island location gives it a particularly rich and varied offer of fish and shellfish. Local specialties include oysters and mussels, lobster paella and meat dishes such as pico, made with small, succulent pieces of fried veal. The wood-fired meat skewer, served with fresh green salad, is another typical dish to be savored on the terraces of Madeiran restaurants.

Madeira wine is a local specialty, a fortified blend that comes in varieties to drink before or after meals. There is also no shortage of the usual wines in bars, restaurants and supermarkets across the island. You can buy excellent quality bottles for much less than in many other parts of the world. Finally, you cannot visit Portugal without trying one of the famous pasteis de nata, or custard tarts.

What are the best places to experience Madeiran art and culture?

Discovering the unique culture of Madeira

Claimed by the Portuguese in the 15th century, Madeira has always been a place of contrasts. It looks very European, but it has a culture, climate and geography that sets it apart from the mainland. The beauty of nature can be appreciated even in its cities, as in one of Funchal's many large parks. These include the Madeira Botanical Garden and the Palheiro Gardens, the latter subdivided into themes such as the Rose Garden and the French Garden. Funchal is also a wonderful place to explore historic churches, such as the 17th-century Igreja do Colégio Jesuíta and the Sé Catedral.

The city ofSanta Cruzit is also an excellent place to appreciate traditional Madeiran handicrafts. Visit the Fábrica da Requeijão Massa Cheese Factory, nestled among the nearby mountains, or buy delicious food at the Municipal Market to prepare in your vacation rental.

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What are the best activities for families in Madeira?

Ideas for family activities in Madeira

Madeira is an especially child-friendly destination, offering plenty of options for all tastes and activity levels. The best coastal spots for families include Ponta Gorda, near Funchal, with natural spots for swimming in the sea water, including designated children's pools and a play area.

Ponta do Sol is close to Ponta Gorda and is a charming town with a small, quiet beach and areas to play, and places to walk nearby. TheBreakOut Funchal is an immersive escape room experience, ideal for learning more about the island and enjoying hands-on family fun in the afternoon.

What are the best places to go out at night in Madeira?

Night out in Madeira

If your ideal holiday includes a bit of bar and dancing, Funchal is definitely the place to visit in Madeira. Most establishments are scattered along the seafront, such as on Avenida do Mar, and in the smaller streets that lead from it. They include cozy wall bars frequented by locals. This is where they meet after work to have a few beers and have fun watching football or playing pool. Stylish cocktail bars can also be found where the staff are always known for being generous with their drinks when making the drinks.

The local "discos" are perfect for prolonging the night into the wee hours of the morning. If you prefer an artistic presentation, consider works byMunicipal Theater Baltazar Dias. This 19th century building exudes elegance inside and out. If you fancy something more cosmopolitan, a ballet night or a piano recital by renowned artists might be the perfect option.

Where are the unique attractions in Madeira?

Explore more in Madeira

In such stunning surroundings, you might want to hire a car or check out local tours for rural Madeira experiences. This includes sleepy fishing villages like Porto Santo in the northeast of the island. Environments like these are ideal for enjoying the traditional side of Madeira. Also, consider hiking through the mountainous landscapes ofPico do Arieirofor some of the most spectacular views across steep valleys, with opportunities to experience views above the clouds.

Beaches can be found in abundance near Funchal and at many points on the island. Porto Moniz's natural pools are an interesting alternative to these. Porto Moniz is located in the northwest corner of Madeira and is easily accessible even from Funchal in the south.

Madeira holiday rental information

💳 Possible discounts up to 33%
🌙Average price per night from $39
⭐Popular Amenities Internet, TV and Patio
🏊 Vacation rental with pool 6,803 properties

Common questions

How many vacation rentals can I book in Madeira?

There are currently 13,698 holiday homes in Madeira to browse and rent for your trip.

What are the most popular amenities for vacation rentals in Madeira?

Travelers are looking for TV, Internet and patio when booking a vacation rental in Madeira.

How many holiday homes are there in Madeira?

There are 13,698 vacation rentals from 14 providers in Madeira.

Are pets allowed in Madeira holiday homes?

Of course, there are currently 756 dog-friendly rentals in Madeira, with an average price of $216 per night.

When is the best time to travel to Madeira?

August and July are Madeira's hottest months, with temperatures around 75°F. The coldest months in Madeira are February and March, with an average of 52 °F.

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