How to clean climate investment coils (2023)

Clean yoursair conditioningTreettels are undoubtedly the simplest and lowest way to improve E/C efficiency, durability and life of its air conditioner.It also improves internal comfort and saves operation and repair costs.

These advantages make your A/C cleaning a task you should do every year without error.After the initial learning curve to clean the coils, the following cleaning becomes much faster and easier.

Understand air conditioning coils

The cold air that flows out of its centerair conditioningThe system is the result of two phrases of coils that do different things: the condenser's coils that dissolve the heat and the evaporator roll that cool the air.

Capacitor coils

  • Open air

  • Found in the capacitor unit

  • Can be deported

  • Dirty of outdoor contamination: leaves, dirt, pollen, tree glow, etc.

Vaporizer coils

  • Located not interior

  • Found on the aircraft

  • Cannot be lowered

  • Dirty of contaminants in closed environments: dust, hair, animal hair, etc.

Capacitor coils

The condenser coils are located on the capacitor, a large external metal unit.

The condenser's coils are metal tubes that flow through aluminum fins.Gas -shaped cooling is compressed on the coils, where gas is condensed in a hot liquid.The capacitor unit helps dissolve heat.


The condenser's coils are never cold.

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Vaporizer coils

The evaporator coils are located near the aircraft inside.The vapor coils are very cold.

The evaporator coils perform aluminum fins, similar to the condenser's coils, the soda passed through the capacitor coils, it moves into the evaporator coils inside.

When cleaning air conditioner coils

Clean air conditioning systems once a year.

Clean the coils in the spring and possibly again in the summer.

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Why is it important to clean the air conditioner coils

As soon as you know how to do thisClean climate investment coilsYou can improve system efficiency, minimize wear, reduce service technicians and save money.

Improvement of cooling efficiency

If you are dirty, the condenser fan and the compressors work increasingly difficult to provide the same amount of fresh air to the house.Cleaning the coils restores it in its original condition so you can work on your intended property.

Minimize system wear

Dirty coils mean that the system is more frequently turned on to maintain the temperature disc point.The capacitor unit fan is constantly working to pull the hot air of the house, which means it is used faster.

Service calls

The larger and the more complex the repairs are, the more likely you to callHLK technicianFor service calls.

The average HLK service costs are 100 to 200 US dollars.This is just the costs to appear.I work beyond this point and the materials are all more.Reduced that make them.

To save money

Climatic systems use a lot of expensive electricity to run.Reduction of the frequency and duration of terms save money.It starts around 3,000 to 4,000 US dollars.

Safety aspects

The beneficiaries cleaner is a health risk.If you wear safety glasses, a facial shield, chemical -resistant gloves and chemicals resistant.Air conditioning systems are outdoors and should have sufficient ventilation to work with coils.for a respiratory protection device.

Air conditioning capacitors are highly loadedSistemas 240VMake sure electricity is completely disabled before working on the capacitor.

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What you will need


  • Wireless exercise
  • Screwdriver
  • Nylon -peeling -pinsel
  • Bucket
  • Gloves
  • Store vacuum
  • Vacuum extension rod
  • Water spray bottle
  • flashlight
  • Garden hose
  • Spray


  • 2 canned foam capable coil cleaners
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How to clean the coils of the climate system capacitor

  1. Find the A/C capacitor unit

    The capacitor unit is found outdoors, usually on the other side of the wall of theElectrical Service Table.

  2. Disable the electric circuit breaker

    Disconnect the electrical switch that controls the air conditioning unit.The electronic switch is a small metal box on the side of the house, connected to the CA capacitor unit with an electric whip (cable).

    • Patron Style Crusher with fuse can come out directly to separate the system.
    • Or the circuit breaker can have a large lever than disable the system.
    • In other cases, a double exchange in the house's electrical service area controls the alternating current capacitor unit.


    Turning off the A/C system inThermostatDo not cut the electricity to the condensed unit.

  3. Remove the upper and side capacitor caps

    With the wireless drill or the screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the upper protective cover in place.Place the screws and place the bag aside.

  4. Aparafuse the unit condenser fan set (optional)

    This step is optional and may depend on your condenser model.Just perform this step if you are confident that you remove the fan and engine without damage.

    Use the drill or wireless screwdriver to turn off the screws that hold the capacitor fan module on site.Place the screws and place the bag aside.

    With some units, the capacitor fan module wishes can be removed from the device's cabling so that you can completely remove the capacitor fan module and set aside.

    If the cabling cannot be replaced, make a stool or staircase next to theA/C UNITSo that the assembly can rest, carefully pull the excess wiring of the device to put the assembly in the chair or stairs.

  5. Check the interior of the air conditioning system

    Take the opportunity to briefly check the condition of the device on the case with an open device to allow obvious problems such as loose wires, cracked or broken pipes or advanced corrosion.Call a repair service technician.

  6. Remove large debris

    Use large ruins with gloves that settled at the bottom of the metal cabinet.Leaves, dirt, bark, mulch, pebble and grass sections routinely collect at the bottom of the cabinets over time.Place the debris on the bucket and discard it of biodegradable material in the composting container of your home.

  7. Clean with a store vacuum

    Attach the extension rod to the vacuum store.

  8. Fin

    The soft aluminum fins in the heat exchanger can be bit slightly.Solve small areas with the fin comb, cut with metal with grated fins.Insert the chords' teeth into the fins and move the tool up and down.


    Do not expect the fins return to the same state.Repairs on crushed finings with the comb are usually imperfect, but should be better than before.

  9. Clean the protective grid

    Out ofA/C UNITRemove all large dirt that may be attached between the protective grid and aluminum fins.The leaves are usually captured here and should be removed manually.

  10. Check the fins with a light

    Hold a strong flashlight or illuminate the air conditioner.

    (Video) Cleaning FUJITSU Mini-Split Condenser Coil


    Most heavy jumps from the fins will be outside.

  11. Spray the wiper foam coil

    Spray the foam foam capacitors coilwithinFrom the cabinet, load a thick cleaning of the cleaner on the four sides of the closet and force the cleaner inside and through the fins.Do not touch the fins.

    Leave the foam coil cleaner and the water do the job.Avoid as much physical contact with the fins and coils as possible.

  12. Spray the interior with water

    Let the coil cleaner rest for 5 to 10 minutes.Spray water from the inside with the garden hose and the spray feeder.Keep the spray in the width to damage the fins.Complete the page before going to an adjacent side.

  13. Spray the exterior with water

    Rümmer, which can be forced from fins, cabinet and radiator grid, can cling to the outside.Take the cabinet with the spray from a thin/wide spray from top to bottom.The debris can force the fins and coils.

  14. Add the unit

    Leave the current out and the capacitor unit open until completely dry.Then place the fan (if removed), the side cover or the grill and the top.Inglely the system.

  15. Keep the device clean

    Bargain Trees - or all plants on scale - over or around the air conditioning air conditioning system.

    Add a network blade protection to the top of the clinic's cabinet to prevent the leaves from penetrating from above.

How to clean the air conditioner coils

Cleaning the evaporator coils is a modified version of the capacitor's coils cleaning.As the evaporator coils are indoors, it is not possible to devour them with a garden hose.Instead, they use a spray bottle to control water outlet.

  1. Turn off the power supply

    Turn on the power supply of the A/C system inElectrical Service Table.

  2. Find the a/c steam coils

    The interiors are located on the side of the air conditioning system offer behind an access door.Open the door by removing the screws.

  3. Check the coils

    The evaporator coil module is formed as a "a".The inner section of the assembly is the dirtiest side.

  4. Brush the coils

    Clean the aluminum fins in a long direction of the fins with the nylon brush.Begen to the top and work down.Let the debris fall.Also, put the debris and make sure not to exhort or damage the fins.

  5. Fin

    When the fins are flat, you can soften the fin again.

  6. Spray the wiper foam coil

    Spray the cleaners foam coil inside the evaporator coil module.Spray a generous amount of cleaning.

  7. Rinse the coils

    After about five minutes, carefully rinse the coils with clean water in the spray bottle.Rate not to apply too much water.


    As you cannot absorb the evaporator coils as in the capacitor coils, it is better to repeat the process easily several times than trying to clean all at the same time.

    (Video) How to Clean your Cars Evaporator - Air Conditioning System

  8. Add the system

    Leave the access door open until the evaporator coils are completely dry.Send the door by closing the door and connect the system to the circuit breaker box.

When should I call a professional

To connectHLK Service TechnicianTo repair the barbatanas damaged extensively, because they cannot be fixed with the fin comb.


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