How to clean air conditioning coils (Effective DIY METHOD) (2023)

A CA coil is what helps dissipate hot air outside.However, when it is not cleaned frequently, it cannot cool effectively.In addition, someone's hiring to stretch the process and make it expensive.

That is why I should learn to clean the air conditioning roll!Read to know how you can do it.

How to clean air conditioning coils (Effective DIY METHOD) (1)

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Two types of air conditioning coils

Evaporator coil

The evaporator coil conducts the heat of his home.The hot air travels on this coil that contains a low temperature gaseous soda.As a result, the air becomes colder and then enters your home again.

This coil is found in the air conditioning air handler.In addition, it is located in the internal unit of ACS divided within the facilities.

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Condenser coil

The condenser coil eliminates the heat captured by the soda, dissipating in the environment.This coil is outside the division and air conditioners of the window.In addition, it is present near the unit of the compressor unit of the central unit of the air conditioning.

The condenser coil has a fan engine installed to disperse heat, while control valves treat with the flow of soft drinks.As a result, the soda is forced to become a liquid, which causes energy to eliminate.

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Why are clean CA coils so important?

Better system performance

The air conditioning units are expensive, so it is natural to want to obtain something worthwhile.In addition, the air conditioning unit works best when CA coils are cleaned periodically.

You can use the cleaning instructions of the coil provided in the CA unit manual.This will help to guarantee better system performance.

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Another reason to clean your CA coils is to enjoyfresh and clean airInside the house.Clean the coils make sure the air filter does not need to sustain excessive dust; therefore, clean air flows through the air conditioning fan ducts and fan units.

Increase in the life of the CA unit

Everyone likes fresh air in summer, but nobody wants to buy a replacement air.

This technique works with all types of air conditioning.Keep cleaning the sizes CA every few months to last.

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Energy efficiency

Air conditioners are not ecologicalAs they consume large amounts of electricity.However, cleaning its ca often increases its energy efficiency.

As less energy is required, less electricity is used and there is no stress in AC to work.

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What to use when cleaning air conditioning coils

How to clean air conditioning coils (Effective DIY METHOD) (2)

The use of a cleaning brush is sufficient for most of the cleaning needs of the CA coil.Eliminates the accumulation of dust on the surfaces of the evaporator coil and the condenser.

A cleaning brush can reach difficult places and eliminate small dust pockets.You can also use a coil comb to clean Bobon fins.

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However, they can be folded if they are used carelessly.At immediately a fins comb to straighten the fins so that they continue to function efficiently.

Compressed air

Compressed air works well in units that only have a layer of light dust.You can point the nozzle in the condenser bobon fins to blow the dust.

Always make sure you are not forcing the compressed air in air ducts.That would push the debris against small spaces and obstruct them.

Keep in mind that compressed air can disperse dust everywhere, leaving everything dirty.

Commercial cleaner

When using commercial cleaning, be sure to read the instructions on the label correctly to avoid problems.

The best windshield wiper to clean dirty air conditioning coils are foam.You can spray liquid solutions on the fins and surfaces of the coil.Consequently, dirt will loosen in the unit, which makes it soft and soluble.

You can use a cloth to clean the remaining dust on air conditioning coils.It can also re -apply cleaning, if necessary, which is only suitable for obstructed CA coils.

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Domestic detergents

If you are looking for a DIY solution, you can also use standard home detergents.Mix the detergent in warm water and take it in a spray bottle.Now this cleaning spray can be used as commercial liquid windshield.

Home detergents generally take longer to clean the evaporator coil, as well as condenser coils.You can also have to clean the fins several times to make sure they are impeccable.

How to clean air conditioning coils

Evaporator coils

To clean the air conditioning evaporator coils, one must begin by taking the necessary precautions.It includes the use of gloves and glasses to protect your hands and eyes when you work.It would be better if it also disconnected the energy of the air conditioning unit.

Here is a gradual guide to clean the CA evaporator coils.

  1. Remove the access panel in the Mini internal unit divided or in the central air conditioning air blower unit
  2. Use compressed air to remove dirt attached to the auges and tubes of the evaporator coil
  3. Use a cleaning brush to release the is
  4. Evaporation cleaning liquid must be sprayed in evaporator fins
  5. Then use a clean cloth to clean the evaporator
  6. Repeat the cleaning process if there is still dust
  7. Clean the environment completely using a vacuum cleaner
  8. Replace the unit access panel and turn on the energy

Condenser coils

The process of cleaning a penny and dividing the CA condenser coils is quite similar.Here is a guide to clean the CA condenser coils:

  1. Disconnect the energy of the air conditioning unit, turning off the disjudor
  2. Remove the screws to remove the access panel or the lid that protects the condenser coil
  3. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove dust set in bobon fins
  4. Use a low pressure water nozzle to remove the earth completely from the condenser coil
  5. Use a soft cloth to remove the remaining dust
  6. Replace the protective lid and go back to the air conditioning

Portable and window coils

The portable and window air conditioning units have both coils present in a single body.Therefore, it makes its cleaning slightly different from the largest units.

  1. Turn off the unit for a while to make sure the soda is resolved
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution using a commercially available hydrogen peroxide
  3. Sprinkle the cleaning fluid in the bobon fins and leave it for a while
  4. Wait for it evaporate (this will take a few hours)
  5. Use a damp cloth to clean the coil bobones, eliminating the remaining deposits
  6. Call the unit and enjoy the ideal performance of CA
How to clean air conditioning coils (Effective DIY METHOD) (3)
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Can you clean CA coils from the inside?

You can clean the air conditioning coils from inside the house using simple DIY methods.

The evaporator coils are generally present inside the house or in the central unit of the air conditioning air blower.They can be cleaned with a brush and a fins comb.

It can then be collected using a vacuum to ensure that CA coils are cleaned from the inside.In addition, it ensures that dust is not based on furniture and other domestic items.

What happens if you do not clean your CA coil?

A dirty coil air conditioning cannot effectively transfer energy.As a result, it reduces the performance of the unit and causes loss of energy.In addition, obstructed CA coils can cause soft drinks.

The dirt in the coils barely the unit of the compressor is executed more and for a longer period.Produces adverse effects such as:

  • Fast system wear
  • Higher operational temperatures
  • Cost increase
  • Less comfort
  • Low cooling efficiency
  • It requires frequent repairs

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People also ask (frequent questions)

Can you clean CA coils without eliminating them?

Yes, it can!Ca cleaning of the coil without eliminating it is not a challenge, as long as it only has a minimal dirt accumulation.You can use the compressed air to blow the dust from the evaporator coils, while the cleaning fluid can also spray the coils to easily remove the clogs.

How much clean the CA coil?

To clean only CA coils, you just need to buy some cleaning supplies that cost less than one hundred dollars.They depend on the positioning and the number of coils and the type of air conditioning.

How often should air conditioning coils be clean?

It depends on the surroundings of your home.Air conditioning coils must be clean at least once a year in ideal conditions.The condenser coils in the outer unit will work ideally when cleaning twice a year.

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Learning to clean the air conditioning coils at home will ensure that prolonging the useful life of your CA units.Consequently, you will enjoy lighter air, reduced energy invoices and better system performance.

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Cleaning, compressed air and detergents are excellent options for cleaning CA DIY coil.In addition, our guide will ensure that this cleaning process can be carried out efficiently.

If you are oppressed, you can always communicate with a professional air conditioning service provider to do so.

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