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There is nothing as refreshing as a fresh and comfortable home on a hot and humid summer day.It is a feeling that we have enjoyed since 1902 when the modern air conditioning system of Willis Carier was invented.A life without presenting it.How many other mechanical devices, but nevertheless,Air-conditioningIt requires basic cleaning and maintenance to continue working in the best way. If you buy a new car, you know that the key to work better.If it is a central air conditioning system, cleaning its climate investment coils is an essential part of the long -term health of the system.Climate plant maintenanceAnd it can help you save money, maintain efficiency and expand the life expectancy of the system.

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Types of coils in CA units

In a central air conditioning system with a divided system there is an internal unit, usually an oven and evaporator coil or a fan coil, as well as an external unit, which is often known as an air conditioning unit.In the house is the evaporator coil, which is sometimes known as a cooling coil, on the side of the air of the fan coil or on the outer side of the oven.

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The condenser coil, which can be found in the outside unit, puts the heat outside.The air flow on the coil helps the transmission of heating energy inside and outside the house.

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Since coils play such a decisive role in the cooling process, it helps to guarantee the long -term health of their climate system.that an expert this is a localHVAC Carrier® DistributorYou will know exactly what is required for the care of your system and is well trained to maintain the coils of the air conditioning system for optimal efficiency and durability.

Why is it important to clean the alternative coils?

Due to the narrow distance between the fins of the coil, the moisture of the surface of the cooling process and the amount of air that flows on them, the dirt, the dust, the rubble and other pollutants can be built on the surfaces of the coil.In execution, this structure reduces the structure of the system to heat, heat inside and transfer the house and, therefore, the ability of its system to guarantee summer cooling.In more extreme cases, dirty coils can also hinder or block the air flow that is so important for the entire process.This can be less comfortable because the calculations for the supply of energy efficiency lost are still caused by dirty coils, which makes the system more difficult than expected and can lead to a shorter useful life and repair calculationspotentially expensive.

Dirty coils can be:

Increased operating temperatures.The excessive structure of dirt and debris can load the system excessively, which means that fans and compressors work harder and achieve the desired internal comfort with higher operating temperatures.

Reduced comfort.Its air conditioning system helps eliminate unwanted and uncomfortable humidity from your home as a natural part of the cooling process.Spring coils can reduce the effectiveness of the general system and cause greater moisture and lower general comfort.

Reduced cooling efficiency.The structure, which accumulates on the surface of the coils, forces them to work harder to absorb or release heat, which leads to less efficient operation.

Higher cooling costs.Less efficient operation means greater operational costs.Spring coils mean spending more money to maintain their fresh space.

Increased system wear.A blocked evaporator coil often means that the compressor works at high temperatures and complete system loads.Since the compressor is one of the cheapest replacement items within the air conditioning system, compressor protection can help you avoid expensive repair calculations.

Repairs or exchanges of the system.System interruptions resulting from stressed components can lead to service calls, replace system components and, in more extreme cases, replace a complete system.

How often should change coils be cleaned?

As the common sense prescribes, alternative coils should be cleaned when they are, but the speed with which it is dirty depends on the frequency with which it uses its air conditioning system, how often its filter changes, regardless of it, it must take aGeneral rule at least say that you must perform a maintenance verification for your system once in summer if your air conditioning is used more frequently.Air conditioning filterAnd try the system to make sure everything works without problems if you need it more urgently.With our online planning tool, the planning service has never been easier.Simply look for the orange schedule, which is located by the participants.Distributor contact information.

How to clean the changing coils

Since air conditioning coils are of crucial importance for their comfort and efficient system operation, it is important to do the task correctly.And due to the delicate nature of the fins of the coil that help the heat transfer process, it is also very important to do so.Not damaging it during cleaning, we recommend that we recommend a specialist for regular and planned coil cleaning.An expert service from Carrier® its air conditioning is the most reliable way to guarantee efficiency and durability.It can be cleaned, but you can also try your system before.The cooling period to ensure that your system works at its peak, but if you understand the methods and procedures for cleaning the coil of climate investment coils, you can know what you can expect and for your best concerns with your local HLK -Händlpara communicate.These methods and procedures are described in the following sections.

Come to air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems have an internal evaporator coil and an outdoor condensation coil.The internal evaporator coil is generally mounted in his oven and has his own closet or is in a fan coil or a ventilation handle.In general, access the evaporator coil using an access panel, which is often removed with a nut controller or a screwdriver.The condenser coil in the external unit generally involves the internal components and acts essentially as side walls of the external unit.It is well exposed and protected by stable protection of the wire or less visible and more visible coil and a more protected and smoother exterior panel with exclusive metal.In some cases, it is possible that the external housing and the upper part have to be eliminated. And determine the proper cleaning method according to the manufacturer's recommendations.This may include the softest of the arc fins using a special tool of tra-tra-tra-tra-trans ---.

Cleaning Cleaning Methods of Climate Systems

How to clean changing coils with compressed air

Your concessionaire can use a combination of compressed air, EMAC of workshop and high -performance coils cleaning chemicals that correspond to the specifications of your climate system model.This method is usually only recommended for condensation coil.The use of compressed air can be a rapid and a reasonably effective method to eliminate dust from the surface, dirt and dirt from the coil.Cleaning an outer coil with compressed air.Normal use flows through the coil.This means that the air pushes backwards on the side of the cleaner through the dirtiest side.They are very thin.and bend easy.With the Vac.The service technician can clean the undesirable dirt and the debris of the device.This generally eliminates the loose surface materials of the coil.To eliminate a more stubborn structure, your distributor can pursue a domestic detergent or a coil cleaning solution available in stores.

How to clean the change with home detergent

While there are a series of coil cleaning solutions available in the market, air conditioning systems can be cleaned with a solution to a soft domestic detergent and water.The detergent and the water mixture apply to the coil using a deep pressure sprayer.Rinsed with a garden hose.This process can be repeated as necessary.If a contractor selects this method, make sure you use a low pressure sprayer and do not use a pressure disc.Probably the thin metal fins of the coil are damaged.Damaged or curves can limit air flow and lead to reduced heat transfer capabilities.Also make sure you do not use a detergent that is very acidic. Copper and alloy metals used and can cause corrosion that shortens the useful life of the coil.

How to clean the changing coils with commercial cleaning agents

Your bearer concessionaire can clean your air conditioning coils with coil cleaning solutions available in stores.The contractor will probably eliminate all the waste from the surface by hand or with a special flow of flowers.Clear larger hand or with a special brush and then track with water and soft cleaning agents.

CA cleaning is economical

While many owners are trying to use the techniques described above to carry out the cleaning of the climatic investment coil, the best solution is to hire a reliable HLK professional.Ignition of this maintenance object.Distributors even operate phrases of "cleaning and verification" that make the service more affordable.The dandruff can offer a service contract that includes cleaning and regular inspections, as well as a guarantee against breakdown or a discount on repair works.The lowest operating costs, a better comfort and reduced potential for extensive repair work is the cleaning of alternative coils in an economical way of providing their system. Experts in HLK so that carriers make a date of service.

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