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July 1, 2021
Oriel Building Moorfields Eye Hospital, 162 City Road, London, England, United Kingdom
Design: Penoyr & Prasad;White Architekten;Aecom

Judicial picture of the practice of the architects
Oriel Building Moorfields Eye Hospital Building

July 12, 2018
Aetiom Archiecturdirector, Africa

Photo by architect
AECOM Architects News
AECOM has appointed Adriaan Vorster as architectural director in Africa.

July 4, 2018
Aecom celebrates proudly
In order to defend the LGBTQ+ connection into the engineering field, Aecom marches this pride of London on July 7 with the interagnation of the network group.This will be the third year in a row in the London march to Aecom.

AECOM competes in the engineering and construction industry and will demonstrate its solidarity with challenging stereotypes in connection with industry.As London Pride, AECOM recently took part in the marches of Edinburgh and Manchester Pride.

In order to be aligned with the month of pride, AECOM DIVERACITY, the new lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, queer plus (LGBTQ+), led by the working group, launched the market.Accessible to the organization of network events.and discussions in Great Britain and Ireland.

David Barwell, Chief Executive in Great Britain and Ireland, AECOM, said: “AECOM is proud to march this Saturday to celebrate in the entire construction industry.The teams are an essential part of what makes our business a success. ”

AECOM also organizes an event in Manchester on July 11th, with the intergneosa international pride celebrating a great network option.

February 19, 2018
Aecom to Pavilion Research Annual Serpentine Annual jährlich

For the sixth time in a row, AECOM, in cooperation with David Glover, will offer technical and technical design services for serpentine pavilion in London, Great Britain.The Mexican architect Frida Escobeedo, which was celebrated by dynamic projects that reactivate urban areas, was set for Design The Serpentine Pavilion 2018. AECOM will work closely with the architect, the gallery and the contractor to work in a finely detailedDevelop construction that is willing to use its opening in June.

Image © frida escobedo, architecture workshop, rendering through atmosphere

Serpentinenpavillon 2018 des Architekten Frida Escobedo

The escoped pavilion takes on the shape of a closed courtyard, which consists of two rectangular volumes that are positioned at an angle.While the outer walls are aligned with the east facade of the serpentine gallery, the inner courtyard shaft is aligned directly with the north.They are a common feature of the Mexican domestic architecture, while the articulated axis of the pavilion refers to the Meridian Prime, founded in Greenwich in 1851 in Greenwich and became a global standard marker for time and geographical distance.

British materials are used to build the pavilion, which is selected for its dark colors and structured surfaces.A caelosia - a traditional breeze wall that is common to Mexican architecture - will consist of a half -timbering of cement tiles that diffuse the parking view, converting into a lively blurring of green and blue.Dois reflective elements emphasize the movement of light and shadow in the pavilion along the day.Pavilion floor pulls your border directly under the roof edge along the northern axis of the meridian.The sun moves through the sky, reflected and broken by these characteristics.Visitors may feel more awareness of the time that is spent in the summer months at the game, improvisation and after contemplation.

Jon Leach, director of buildings + places, Aecom, said: “The serpentine pavilion is always an exciting project, and this year's design will be no different.As an engineer, the key to providing a successful pavilion is to transform the vision of vision architects in a functional space where people can enjoy.We look forward to our continuous cooperation with Stage 1 and David Glover as part of the design and delivery process. ”

Artistic director of the serpentine galleries, Hans Ulrich, and CEO, Yana Peel, said: “We are very happy to reveal the designs of Frida Escobedo's serpentine pavilion -a living clock, fed by light and the main meridian line.Beautiful harmony promises Mexican and British influences to be a place of deep reflection and dynamic encounter.We see that visitors to all ages create their own experiences in the pavilion this summer, while we continue our goal, the urgency of art and architecture for the wider audience. ”

Every year, the serpentine galleries of an international architect designed to design a temporary pavilion for the gallery country.Last year, Aecom designed the dramatic and colorful pavilion similar to a tree by the architect Francis Kéré and delivered a community place.People could connect to nature.

21. August 2017
Oxygen Park Em Education City, Doha, cutter

Photography: Markus Elblaus
Oxygen Park Em Education City
Oxygen Park about the primary school of oxygen as inspiration as inspiration is a unique public space for health and well -being in an abandoned environment.It was created with the local community and offers an open space for training, calm and playing.

July 11, 2017

Aecom Engineering News

Middle for music in London competition engineers Shortlist, London, England, United Kingdom

We look forward to announcing the selected companies for the civil and civil engineering contract and the contract for construction services are:

Civil and civil engineer
- Aecom
- Akt
- Arup
- Burohappold Engineering
- Ramboll
- WSP UK Ltd


- Aecom
- Arup
- Burohappold Engineering
- Hoare lea
- Max Fordham
- WSP UK Ltd

Middle for music in London competition engineers Shortlist

30. June 2017

AECOM UK und Ireland News

Aecom names Jason Pearson as director of health architecture

June 30, 2017 - Jason Pearson joined Aecom as director of health architecture in Great Britain and Ireland.

Previously, Jason has more than 10 years of experience with the international PM design practice and offers innovative and high -quality clinical environments in various sectors, including acute health care, mental health and laboratory environments for 21 and P21+.

Jonathan Puddle, head of the healthcare system in Great Britain and Ireland, comments: "Jason's appointment reflects our continuous investment in medical care, while we continue to strategic orientation of the inheritance of the NHS Foundation Trust of the University Hospital in Oxford".

Jason Pearson adds: "Accepting this role is an exciting opportunity for me and I look forward to working with Jonathan and the entire design team for medical support in order to take on business in the UK and Ireland."
Jason has his headquarters in Emia's headquarters in Aecom in Aldgate Tower, London E1.

26 + 23. June 2017
Serpentinenpavillon 2017 by Francis Kéré

British architectAdrian Welch, Founded editor of E-Architect, interviewsAecomDirectors about their role in this internationally renowned cultural project.

Images with friendly approval from AECOM
Interview gives AECOM about Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by Francis Kéré

26. June 2017

Aecom Midwest News

Aecom calls James W. Thomson Vice

Los Angeles (June 26, 2017) - AECOM, an integrated and fully integrated global infrastructure company, announced today that James W. Thomson, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the National Architecture Councils Council, was appointed administration of its buildingsof the Centro -Oeste + practical locations, part of your design and advisory service group (DCS).

Photo by architect

With a variety of knowledge, from strategy to project, the practice of buildings + places is dedicated to excellence and integrated design solutions.In this function, Thomson will be responsible for growth and strategic development and the management and general direction for the middle region of the Middle region will be presented.

"Jim knows what it means to be a leader," said Rebecca Nolan, Executive Vice President of Buildings + Places, Americas.People who increase the communities we play.It is a leadership qualities for health markets that expressly project and provide them with the continuous efforts to provide innovative and finished solutions for health and well-being environments. ”

Before he came to Aecom, Thomson was at the HDR, where he headed design teams during the development of large health projects throughout North America.For a long time he worked with the Penn State Hershey Allina/ Children's Hospital, Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, and worked with the Penn State Hershey Allina/ Children's Hospital, the Mayo clinic.United/ Children's Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Etobicoke Health Center and Sheppard Pratt Health Systems.Thomson has a master's degree in architecture with the Lawrence Tech University and a Bachelor of Sciences in architectural studies at Nebraska University, Lincoln.

"The market for medical care is constantly developing and we have to develop real solutions in the Center -Oeste, which promote high -quality experience of the patient."

5. June 2017

Aecom Company News

The status of Londons confirmed as the global capital of the museums

The conclusions of the TEA/AECOM index 2016 and the museum index of the Themic Entertainment Association (TEA) and the Global Infrastructure Services Company.

London status as a global capital of the museumsIt was confirmed by a new study.With four museums on the top 20 of visitors in 2016, Capital in connection with Washington DC achieved first place on the global list, which also has four entries in the top 20.

New York, Paris and Beijing have two entrances to the most visited global League.Madri, Seoul, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Taipei and the Vatican have a museum on the list.

28. May 2017
Aecom relandscapes tream dream de margate

The landscape design helps to change the inheritance of the inheritance park before it reopened

The global infrastructure service company AECOM has opened new landscape design for the reconstruction of Dreamland, a historical amusement park in Margate, which opened in the 1870s.The park, which was reopened this week after a large renewal program, sensitivity and a variety of modern facilities, including a place outdoors of 15,000 capacities for musical events.

Prasalal Challela, 2.

Dreamland Margate amusement park por aecom

18. May 2017
AECOM becomes a patron saint of the London Architecture Festival

May 18, 2017 - AECOM supports the largest annual architectural festival in Europe and becomes a patron of von vonLondon Architecture FestivalThe event, which takes place from June 1 to 30, 2017, celebrates London as a global center for experiments, practice and architectural debate.

As a patron, AECOM will share his unique experiences in London and give life to the past, present and future of capital through designs, photography and interactive technologies such as headphones of virtual reality.

Jennifer Dixon, architectural director - Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, Aecom, said: “For decades, Aecom has been part of the London Change Landscape - AECOMS collective memory includes many of the most inspiring designs of Londons.Design and advisory experts have shaped this city we know and loved, from Shard and Leadenhall building to Tate Modern, CrossRail and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.Three common vision is to further form an inspiring and productive city of the future. ”

The topic of this year's festival will be "memory", which is taken into account by a wide range of events and activities.In order to explore the topic of memory, the London Architecture Festival aims to encourage the public, to look at London in a new way and to be able to wake up a debate between designers, developers and decision -makers about how they can make London a better place.

The festival, which is now taking place in London in the age of 13.

7. May 2017
Commitment of the AECOM company at the workplace

AECOM appoints Sarah Devine Vice President of the company work for her design and advisory service group

Devine will be responsible for working with Corporate Real Estate specialists to design and deliver innovative work rooms to practice AECOM buildings + places in the metropolises in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles (May 2017) - AECOM, a most important fully integrated global infrastructure company, announced today that Sarah Devine, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), National Interior Project Council (NCIDQ), the deputy president of Corporate President Local for his buildings+ Practice was appointed practice, part of their construction and advisory services group.Devine is responsible for working with companies in real estate professionals in Los Angeles in the Metropolitan Region Los Angeles to project and offer innovative work rooms.Planning, creating solutions for complex environments at the place of corporate work.

Sarah Devine, Aecom:

"Sarah brings an impressive history of leadership and collaborative customer relationships with our studio in Los Angeles," said Brett Shwery from Aecom, Senior Vice Vice Corporate Work."Your energy and passion for the structure of strong teams actually complement the culture of our growing practice in the workplace".

Before he came to Aecom, Mrs, Mrs.devine was a trainer and counted in Rapt Studio, where she was responsible for the establishment and expansion of the company's practice in Los Angeles.Earlier experiences include working with Epstein/ISI, HOK and Leo A. Daly.lider in the country, Mrs.....Devine was recently appointed President of the 2017 Communication at the Southern California Board of Directors.Architecture of the University of Northern Texas.

"Change of nature of our work and how the company has an impact on corporate environments expansion of AECOMS Corporate Workplace team, in which we have the opportunity to offer our customers an integrated approach and at the same time to commit project innovations on the Los Angeles market and beyond."

February 20, 2017

AECOM Architecture News

Singapore high -speed station building building, Singapore

The terrestrial transport (LTA) approved AECOM Singapore to carry out an advanced engineering study for the Singapore-Kalala Lumpura (HSR) route (HSR).

Judicial image of architects

TFP Farrellsand architects 61 were named after the architectural elements.

February 18, 2017
Master plan of the University of Glasgow, Scotland
Design: Aecom E 7n Architects

February 17, 2017 - The Global Aecom Infrastructure Services Company and 7n Architects in principle guaranteed the building permit The approval of the city council of Glasgow for its master plan for the University of Glasgow.

The master plan offers a development and range for a significant expansion of the Gilmorehill campus of the university at the location of the former Western -Westglasgow in the heart of the West of the city.It will take up to 85,000 m2 learning space, teach and research in a mixed usage district that will integrate the Historical Center campus into neighboring districts and form a new facade for the KelvingRove Park in the south.

Aecom und7n architectsCooperation with the design of the master plan, which focuses on creating an environment that will strengthen the position of the university as one of the world's leading research universities and stimulate learning and collaborative research.The team led by AECOM also includes Simpson and Brown, Muir Smith Evans and Works that work.

The declaration of consent is provided in phases and is controlled by extensive design guidelines from AECOM and 7N.The orientation will influence the design of buildings in the form of shape, height, mass, facades, articulation and materials for the coherence of the new development in the historical context of the Gilmorehill Campus.

Professor Anton Muscatelli, director and vice -chancellor of the University of Glasgow, said: “We are very pleased that the city council of Glasgow has supported our ambitious plan that we are an important economic factor for the city and Scotland for the city and ScotlandSustain are the leader of this university leader.

“The decision to approve the master plan £ 1 billion, including significant expenses for the renovation and improvement of existing properties.This will be one of the largest projects for educational infrastructure in Scotland's history and is certainly the greatest development of this university since it moved to Gilmorehill 150 years ago. ”

Jonathan Rose, Architect and Director - Design & Planning, AECOM, said: “Our goal for the master plan was not only to create a collaborative center for learning and research for the University of the West End, but also a new trajectory for Campus deGilmorehillentro built de Glasgow, which confirms his essential role in the city's life and the future economy.The development will transform the campus with global institutions and sensitively reflect the historical character of the city of the city. ”

Ewan Anderson, a managing partner of 7N Architects, said: “The master plan is mainly about establishing new connections, bringing the university schools together, bringing the university and the city together and gathering people in order to strengthen the student experience of the university, their profile globalResearch is contributed to Glasgow and beyond.It is very gratifying to see that the project reaches this important milestone and we hope that it will develop as an exciting new place in the coming years. ”

In principle, the approval of the building permit was granted yesterday at a planning meeting of the Glasgow City Council.

Ref.Masterplan des Campus der University of Glasgow

1 October 2016
Islands in the Chester Zoo building, England, United Kingdom
Design: Aecom, architects

Photo ceded in Novum Structures UK
Islands in the Chester Zoo building

January 8, 2016
Istanbul Tower of the traffic control of the new airport - win architects
Design: aecom com pininfarina

Istanbul Tower traffic control of the new airport
The shape of the structure aims to refer to Tulip - a symbol of Istanbul.

Arena Golden State Warriors, California, USA
Design: Snøhetta + AECOM

Arena Golden State Warriors- 7. May 2013
Golden State Warriors has released the updated design of her new sports and entertainment arena by the sea in Piers, 30-32, in San Francisco.

January 29, 2013

AECOM occupies the 1st research research world architecture 100
World Architecture Research 100
AECOM was classified as the world's first largest architecture research in the world architecture 100 (WA100).

Masterplan des Rio Olympic Park
Haupt -Aecom project

Image of the Architects' Brazilian Institute
Masterplan des Rio Olympic Park

23. October 2012

Aecom Joint Venture granted several years to renew the Cannon House's office building in Capitol Hill

Los Angeles - October 23, 2012 - AECOM Technology Corporation (NYSE: ACM), a leading supplier of technical and senior support support service for public and private customers in over 130 countries around the world, announced today that a joint-Venture was participated in Queele.Several one -year contract of the Capitol architects to renovate the Cannon House office building in Washington.

The office building of the Cannon House is the oldest congress building in Capitol Hill and houses offices for members of the US Chamber Chamber for MPs and various congress committees.

The joint venture between Aecom and McDonough Bolyard Peck will work with the customer as a project manager.The Cannon House's office building remains fully staffed and ready for operation throughout the renewal program.The residents of every wing under construction are temporarily resettled.

"The experience of AECOM, intelligent and future vision solutions for the renovation of the Pentagon building as well as for other US government projects to provide us with well positioned us for this task," said John M. Dionisio, President and CEO of AECOM."We would like to thank this important customer his trust in AECOM."

October 8. 2012

AECOM feasibility study for the Russian resort

With several thematic parks, AECOM is increasing a feasibility study for a 250 -hectare resort near Moscow, Russia.

The practice office in London was appointed by the developer Moschanko Investment Group to evaluate the feasibility of the Magic World Russia program, which is about 50 km from Moscow.

16. November 2011

AECOM News 2011

AECOM and UWA lead the first Australian indigenous project

In the remote city of Warburton, Western Australia, under the leadership of the professional AECOM Technical Service Consultancy, the University of Westremaly and the Ngaanyatjarraku Shire Council is an Australian project first to improve the habitability of the Aborigines.

The Warburton Sustainable Project is a research, design and planning project to create new and improved urban areas with which the goal of the life of the indigenous peoples that can be applied to indigenous communities in all of Australia and around the world.

It brings Aborigines residents of the city, 920 km northeast of Kalgoorlie, together with an expert team for urban design, ecology, architecture and landscape architecture as well as academics and students from the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Warburton project:

Aecom photo

The forecast projects include a price for the community thrust and an urban agricultural scheme in which orange trees with treated wastewater are planted in the city to ensure shadows, food, dust protection and health improvement.

People in the city and the municipal representative have gathered in recent months to discuss their needs in formal and informal environments with the students and the project team to identify projects to improve the community.

Master and honorary students will now complete design projects as part of their academic requirements, which will be the basis for the financing of registrations and development.Designs will be presented to the Shire Council in February, as the winner of a price of Aecom from the most prominent winners of AECOM is also announced.

Landscape near Warburton:

Aecom photo

Jon Shinkfield, project manager of AECOM, who set up the project structure with UWA, said it was an innovative model to improve the municipalities of Aborigines."This is the first Tri -Partisan relationship between an Australian indigenous community, the academy and the industry, to build long -term research and Knowledge Bank, which focuses on the planning and implementation of agreements," said Shinkfield.

“Warburton's sustainable project will not only influence the future of the Warburton community, but also influence the broader agenda of the indigenous settlement.

"We undertake a program that focuses on research, practice and a new space order for the city, and it is expected that it leads to big changes in the way in which indigenous peoples can live."

Since projects are financed, the students become part of the development team to manage the project and deliver initiatives to the 600 inhabitants of Warburton.Projects concentrate and include:

-Community College-A-price-crowned design, which offers places for women's meetings, a library and reading as well as other informal and formal meetings.

- Urban agriculture - plants of irrigated orange trees with waste water treated all over the city to offer shadows, food, dust protection and improvement of the community.

- Living space of family groups - a project that analyzes agreements and clusters that work more harmoniously with the way indigenous families collect.

- Warburton Art Police Station - a project that has been exhibited by Warburton International.

- Non -profit institutions - provision of the specific needs of the community.

- City rooms - Inclusion of productive landscapes in the city structure of the city.

The work is also underway in a separate AECOM project to expand the Warburton's first learning center and the learning scenario.In a first Australian, she presents a reproductive group for indigenous women and children with structured activities to help school make a more acceptable option for the future.

AECOM also advises alternative energy options to find solutions for dependence on the expensive diesel fuel in order to strengthen the generators of the city.Uwas Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Art, Professor Winthrop Simon Anderson, praised AECOM and the NGAANYATJARKU Shire Council in the Council in the Council in the Council in the Council in the Council in the Ngaanyatjarraku in Architecture, and the Ngaanyatjarraku Shire as part of the state for architecture, landscape and visual arts.Project.

"This is an important initiative for planning and community design in cooperation with our faculty," said Professor Anderson.

AECOM plans a continuous participation in Warburton to ensure that the proposed projects are presented to the municipality as part of their commitment to social responsibility in society.

"Aecom and Uwa hope to return to Warburton every year to build up the knowledge base, consult other designs, develop them, develop and implement them," said Shinkfield.

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