Agora Financial Review 2023 – an over-the-top publisher? (2023)

If you're always looking for new insights into the stock market, you've probably heard of Agora Financial.

Yes, we're talking about this Baltimore-based company known for their cutting-edge publications and attention-grabbing newsletters.

They are very aggressive with their marketing strategy. In fact, they often throw lavish launch parties, which in the recent past have been attended by the likes of Richard Kiyosaki and even Tim Sykes himself.

But are your financial education products worth the hype? This review takes a closer look at what might be one of the Motley Fool's closest competitors.


  • What is Financial Agora?
  • Your marketing approach – a kind of machine?
  • about the makers
  • What does the service offer?
    • 1. Ray Blanco technology benefits every day
    • 2. The 5 Min Prediction
    • 3. Lifetime membership in the Rich Dad Network
    • 4. Greg Guenthner's rude portfolio
    • 5. Zach Scheidt's lifetime earnings report
    • 6. Publications by Timothy Sykes and Paul Scolardi
  • Prices
  • is it legit Audit of Agora Financial's credibility
  • Does it offer good value for money?
  • For which dealer is this service suitable?
  • An alternative to Agora Financial
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Diploma

What is Financial Agora?

This is a financial publisher that publishes various newsletters on various financial topics such as investing, wealth management, and creating income streams. The publications are authored by leading financial analysts and delivered monthly.

Each subsidiary of the Agora Network has a unique group of high-calibre writers and contributors, each providing insight on politics, finance and investment.

Due to the large amount of investment services that the company offers, there is a high probability that you will come across one of their products.

Your marketing approach – a kind of machine?

Why do we call this service the "Marketing Machine"? That's likely due to the multiple multimillion-dollar product launches and excellent investment services behind the name. The company is estimated to generate over $41 million in annual revenue, and the number could be even higher.

Some of the Company's subsidiaries are:

  • Paradigmenpresse
  • Search in Sao Paulo
  • seven-digit publication
  • unconventional wealth
  • Agora Finance Reserve

about the makers

Agora Financial, LLC was officially incorporated in 2004 with Bill Bonner being the brain behind this service. This is a financial journalist who has co-authored books such as Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt, and Mobs Messiahs and Markets.

What these books have in common is their pessimistic outlook, and they were later converted into financial e-letters.

Also of note is Addison Wiggins, the managing editor who oversees each publishing service editor.

This service stands out from other mainstream publications for its unique and thought-provoking perspectives that sometimes border on sensationalism.

All in all, posts on this service make a lot of promises and bold claims, and that's the main reason we did this review: to confirm whether they're true or not.

What does the service offer?

As a financial publication, this service offers various newsletters full of information on various financial topics. The releases are divided into seven different categories:

  • Short term trading
  • monthly income generators
  • Technologies that change the world
  • High growth opportunities
  • Geopolitics and Currencies
  • reservations
  • Trend trading

In total there are more than 40 publications of this service. It is practically impossible to cover them all in this piece. Therefore, we will only touch on some of the most popular publications that the service offers, which can be of great use to various traders and investors.

1. Ray Blanco technology benefits every day

Ray Blanco needs no introduction when it comes to Agora Financial as he is responsible for several technology and healthcare services such as Ray Blanco's FDA Trader, Technology Profits Confidential and Pot Stock Mastermind.

Most of these services are ideal for risk-tolerant traders and investors who are interested in dynamic trading and can handle the volatility that comes with it.

To subscribe to this newsletter, you'll have to shell out $3,000 a year.

2. The 5 Min Prediction

The following post was written by Addison Wiggins with assistance from Emily Clancy and Dave Gonigam. It is a summary of major financial events, market commentary and analysis, and is characterized by small stopwatch symbols that add up to 5 minutes.

The newsletter appears daily free of charge and gives you an indication of upcoming events that you should keep an eye on the next day.

3. Lifetime membership in the Rich Dad Network

The Rich Dad Network is a subsidiary of Paradigm Publishing and provides lifetime access to all services and publications it covers (Paradigm Publishing). You will surely enjoy the wide range of content that the products offer, including:

  • economic forecasts
  • Income strategies for building wealth
  • commodity trading
  • Options trading ideas
  • Speculative stock picking

The publications you will receive through this service include:

  • Tim Sykes Weekly Fortune
  • The Prophecy of the Project by Jim Rickard
  • Monthly Life Letter from Nilus
  • Spikes from 7 slides do Alpha Shark
  • Goldspekulant
  • Noni Prins black money millionaire

We calculate the total retail value of the above subscriptions as $29,297 per year, while a lifetime subscription to the Rich Dad Network incurs a one-time fee of $14,995.

4. Greg Guenthner's rude portfolio

Greg Guenthner is a Certified Market Technician (CMT) with 13 years of stock market experience. During his time in the game he has experienced bear and bull markets, so we can say that this is nothing new for him.

This particular service is impressive, outperforming the S&P 500 by 14% in 2018 and providing access to seven-figure publishing experts.

Seven Figure Signals sends a trading alert every Wednesday and is based on a computerized system proven to outperform the S&P 500 by over 100 times.

5. Zach Scheidt's lifetime earnings report

Zach Scheidt is a former Wall Street analyst who provides dividend income strategies and value investing ideas, Lifetime Income Report, Income on Demand, Contact Income Alert, Buyout Millionaire's Club and Weekly Squawk Box.

These newsletters are suitable for independent investors with a medium to long-term holding period.

A one-time payment of $7,500 is required for a lifetime subscription to publications.

6. Publications by Timothy Sykes and Paul Scolardi

These two names need no introduction as they are veterans of the financial world. Merchants offer services within the Agora publishing network, including:

  • Tim Sykes Morning Wins
  • Paul Scolardi IPO fortune
  • Paul Scolardis 100.000-Dollar-Insider

Please note that the above programs are publicly listed which means there may be more as we have found similar promotions elsewhere.


As you may have noticed, this investment newsletter giant doesn't have a single offering, but various services that are sold separately.

The price of these investment services ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, and it's up to you to find a service that fits your budget.

is it legit Audit of Agora Financial's credibility

There are several approaches we can use to answer this question. Agora Financial is primarily an investment publisher with various authors and consultants.

While individuals are expected to follow company rules and policies, consultants are their own people and as such you must evaluate each company individually.

So many people think the company is a scam because of the bold promises they make and one can only wonder if it lives up to them. Here we can say that since the company revolves around investment advice, it definitely delivers what it promises.

For example, if you sign up for stock picks, this is what you get.

Let's also talk about subscriber expectations, which is why it's easy to fall for the bold claims made in ads to increase the company's sales. It's up to you to differentiate between hype and reality to make informed investment decisions.

When subscribing to the various services offered, make sure that all your decisions are guided by logic and not emotion.

Does it offer good value for money?

One thing we can agree with is that these newsletters are quite expensive. However, if the ideas you pay for end up generating multiples of the original fee, it's definitely worth it.

In this case, we recommend that you approach every decision from an ROI perspective. Let's say a particular product costs $5,000; You must earn at least $5,000 more in investment returns than if you had not purchased the product.

If you have a $100,000 account, that's a 5% increase in annual returns, making it a viable investment.

Again, we advise you to be careful not to fall for the hype that comes with marketing messages. Always shop within your budget and be diligent enough to find a service that suits your preferences and expectations.

For which dealer is this service suitable?

Based on the content of the newsletters we have concluded that Agora Financial meets the needs of portfolio managers, swing traders and independent investors. Despite this, intraday traders can still use the offered stock ideas for their trades.

However, don't get your hopes up on the intraday signals.

So if you subscribe to libertarian political views, these products will work for you as political commentary and analysis posts are based on these philosophies.

Depending on your subscription, the newsletters will be delivered to you on paper or by email and it is up to you to decide which mode is most convenient for you.

An alternative to Agora Financial

If you find that the programs offered here aren't helping you as you'd hoped, or just don't live up to the hype, we encourage you to give the Commission Academy a try. This is a reliable platform to start your journey to make money online.

Here's everything you need to get started, including the training and tools you need. Ultimately, you should become a professional at making money by promoting products or services online for reputable companies like Amazon.

The main aspect of this service that we like is that there is no limit to the amount you can earn using the features it offers. And since the process of making money is pretty simple, you don't need much financial experience to use the service.

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