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The most conveniently ventilated houses are the most convenient, which is why air conditioning systems have become essential in all families.This not only cools its place, but also improves the overall quality of the air.

Air conditioning and its components also occasionally require cleaning and maintenance to remain functional.It consists of many parts, but coils should be kept in an ideal state to ensure that the cooling process remains effective.

In contrast to opinion across the country, the air conditioner is not directly cold, but only the heat of the air.The coils are the main ones that are mainly responsible for this.An alternating current unit usually has two types of coils - the evaporator and the condenser.

The evaporator coil located in the inner unit takes the heat from the air into a room, so the capacitor coil in the outdoor unit loosen the outdoor heat by the help of a fan mechanism.This shows how important these components are for the entire conditioning process.

What makes the coils get dirty?

AIS -test coils are susceptible to dust, dirt, rubble, insects and all other particles that can accumulate between the narrow finings of the fins.

This means that, of course, it is for dirt accumulation, but depending on location, the amount can be used, how often and how long you use your air conditioning system.

What happens when CA coils are dirty?

Dirty coilscan cause the following:

  • Lower system efficiency- With excessive dirt, theThe evaporator coil becomes badAnd I would try to work harder than with longer cold cycles.
  • Reduced cooling capacity- Layers of accumulated dirt prevent the work of the coils so that the heat is captured and not sufficiently removed from your room.
  • Higher energy costs- The system would consume more energy to compensate for the difficulty, which leads to an increase in operating costs.
  • System Cryptography- -Clogged coilCause stress in the air conditioning unit, which can lead to performance problems.
  • Repairs or exchange- If the system is stressed, components may fail which repairs or full exchange may require.

What happens if you don't clean your alternate coils?

An air conditioner with a dirty coil is a frequent error of homeowners.Would affect the whole process.

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Its air conditioner can still be performed, but has stopped producing the desired cold air.This can lead to additional damage to your device over time.Failure.

What are the symptoms of a dirty capacitor coil?

  • Its alternating unit does not cool the room as soon as possible:If the pollutants accumulate in the capacitor, it may be less able to derive heat from the air that crosses the device.The cooling efficiency of an alternating current unit may fall 30 %.
  • Public ventilation hot air:Due to restricted air flow, the device fan blows the heat back to the room.
  • Frost begins to develop on his evaporator coil:If the alternating current unit does not absorb heat due to the dirt barrier and debris, the structures will be condensation and freezing during operation.This may lead to breaks that require repairs.
  • Leak:If pollutant collections cause minor damage, leaks may occur, which would also affect the cooling capacity of the entire device.
  • Sudden peaks in your energy bill:If energy consumption has not changed significantly and you determine an increase in your bill, your air conditioner may be the cause.
  • Your air conditioning system creates unusual noises:Obstruction, caused by dirty capacitor coils, can lead to noise zumbing.Similarly, you can hear noise of noise when rubble and dirt come from free to your condenser unit.

How often should you clean the change coils?

It is also recommendedClean your alternate coilsAt least once a year, however, depending on several factors, for example, b.where you are and how much you use your unit.The CA filter condition is also important and you should also check it every month and replace it if necessary.

For example, if you live in a city where air pollution tends to be heavier, it is natural for your air conditioning system sucks more dust and debris.That way you need to clean your coil more than once a year.

It would be better to check your coils every few months.You can brush it carefully in this way.It is a simple form of maintenance that would save many long -term problems and repair costs.

5 ways to make a homemade coil cleaner

With enough care, you can clean the switching coils annual!

It is even more important that you first turn off the air conditioning system to avoid electrical dangers.

Removing cleaning solutions are available in stores, but they can easily produce at home.Hier are some coil cleaning recipes with daily house items:

1. Vinegar + water

What do you need:

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Same parts vinegar and water

Vinegar is known to have cleaning properties and disinfectants that prevent the growth of dirt and bacteria and prevent them from growing in the back.It is also versatile and can be mixed with other cleaning agents for a more effective solution.

You can put the mixture into a spray bottle, dive the coils for a few minutes and then rinse or clean the remaining buildings.

For more information, consult our guidelinesHow to clean climate investment coils with vinegar.

2. Turning vinegar + alcohol + baking powder

What do you need:

½ cup vinegar

½ cup alcohol

1-2 tablespoon of cooking powder

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Powder yeast is another article contained in most DIY cleaning processes.This mixture would also work in stubborn buildings that do not easily issue if they are not a little rubbed.They do not cause damage.

Remember to use a light brush while rubbing and makes it gently.You don't want to scratch.

3. Water + soap + powder yeast

What do you need:




Due to their consistency, they would need a small amount of dishwasher.The rear powder is a little abrasive;Therefore, this is able to solve dirt and debris arrested.

4. Water + bleach

What do you need:


3 parts of water, 1 part of bleaching agents

Simply put the mixture in a spray bottle.Bliquenic remedies disturbing as a mold of vinegar and bacterial growth and prevents you from occurring again.

This is a slightly less preferred option, because bleach is a little strong, so you need to be careful with it.You can also leave your smell for a while.

5. Compressed Air + Buster Dust

This is probably the fastest and fastest and convenient option.However, the use of air compressors that suddenly blows the air would lead to the accumulation on your device and area so that you need to prepare something that can capture most.

You can use vacuum or garbage with small mouths to get as much dirt as possible.Always remember that the bobon fins can easily deform. Therefore, make sure you do not press you, keep a distance from a few inches away ifUse your vacuum during cleaning.


Vaporizers and capacitor coils are of crucial importance for the process of cooling a unit of the climate system.CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE are necessary for them to always be in an ideal condition and the overall health of the long -term device.

The unnsweeted exit of dirty coils would lead to dirt and rubble buildings that would become a barrier between the unit and the air flow.This is important for the heat transfer process.The alternating current unit would not give them the fresh air if they want to charge their work their work cannot do.

Remember to check your coils and filters regularly and easily clean them when it comes dirt or anything in it.The recommended frequency of cleaning the entire coil is at least once a year.

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Cleaning the alternate coils can be done at home and you can easily create wiper with ordinary household items.

If you keep alternating coils clean, you can maintain the efficiency of the air conditioning system, maximum comfort and save money with repair costs and supply calculations.


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